Teacher Exodus from FSL Programs

Teacher Exodus from FSL Programs

French Teachers for immersion and FSL leaving the teaching profession before five years in the field has prompted the Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers (CAIT) to prepare a survey in order to figure out what some possible causes would be.

The CAIT survey was completed in 2006, and describes an impressive response of 1305 FSL teachers from all over the country, representing all provinces and territories. To understand why FSL and French Immersion teachers leave the profession so early, the CASLT report released November 23, 2008, summarizes the main reasons which

include the lack of professional support from school administration and parents, lack of knowledge of existing teaching resources, difficult working conditions and classroom management issues.

Interesting to know ahead of time of the challenges that face teachers before they head out into teaching, before maybe you head into teaching. The good news is that if you ever need more knowledge about teaching reasources that exist, come to the library! And if you want more strategies on classroom management issues, we have books on that too. For more information on the report, read more in the CASLT news release.

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